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From different perspectives, every photo can be a photo-essay ...

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Elton John pleaded, “Don’t let the sun go down on me.” He lamented, “All my pictures seem to fade to black and white.”

For the greats, Alfred Stieglitz, Ansel Adams, Paul Strand, Minor White, Edward Weston, and others, color faded to become brilliant black and white.

A sunset, or sunrise, over the water is visual art in performance mode.

What if we could deposit cloud images in memory banks?

They may look all alone on the expansive Neuse River, but they are not lonely.

A ride on the creek along shores visited time and time again never fails to provide a new image.

Shrimp trawlers lead the observer to ponder many things – the creative names of the individual vessels, reflections on a way of life, and recipes for the tasty crustaceans

One could call it a packed harbor. It is – because the boats are waiting to “pack” their shrimp at one of the two fish houses on the Oriental harbor.

Mama said there’d be days like this.

Having been devoured by a chain saw, this Buckland Road tree near Arapahoe, NC is a memory, preserved in a memory bank.

Ever speculated what it would be like if humans changed their nature with the seasons.

Just as mountains, deserts, forests, rivers and oceans lure some to the great outdoors, there is another world away from the world, up above.

Nature created the awesome quiet of the great blue yonder. Man added the roar of pounding pistons and the machine gun staccato created by changing the pitch of the prop. An SNJ used to train warriors looks peaceful in the sky.

Edenton Bay

Upper Trent River, water hyacinth.

Afternoon delight.

The everlasting beauty of a man’s workboat is just that, everlasting.

Was it that long ago?

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Barns on Don Lee Farms – near the Lee Cemetery – near Camp Don Lee – near the Neuse River – near Arapahoe – only a half century ago they were projecting the rich aroma of flue cured tobacco in late summer.

Was it that long ago that the youth of Pamlico County spent summers harvesting tobacco with no cell phones to call friends during breaks?

Just as the last shadows of winter tell of the coming spring, a new day is still coming down on the farm.

Sign of the Times


Some scenes cry out to be photographed. Some scenes make one wonder, “Are you kidding me?” or “Is that for real?”

Chickweed Blooms in Pamlico County

Not all beauty is cultivated. Weed cover on fields on Janiero Road near Dawson’s Creek can be fascinating also.

God-fearing sea captain?

A number of the trawlers that tie up in Oriental have names that reflect faith. There is an Amazing Grace, God’s Grace, and God’s Mercy.

and then on March 19, it was as though they were singing, “ …whenever two or more are gathered…”

Fleeting Winter

As days with temps in the low 70s occur sporadically, winter’s images begin to fly away.